Strategic Supply Chain Solutions

A good third-party logistics provider is more than just a freight broker. They can apply their expertise and guide your supply chain in numerous ways like setting a contract and spot freight strategy for your next RFP, sourcing creative capacity solutions, and improving your logistics technology. See all the strategic supply chain solutions Coyote can offer you.

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Frequently Asked Supply Chain Strategy Questions

What surge shipping solutions can Coyote provide?


Every year, Coyote helps UPS manage their peak season shipping operations. We’ve become experts at finding dedicated, power-only carriers for high-volume, high-service special shipping projects.

Do you need dropped trailers and stand-by drivers on short notice? We can help you handle any shipping surge your supply chain throws your way.

What transportation management solutions does Coyote offer?


When you manage logistics for a growing business, there will come a day when you realize you just can’t do everything yourself.

You need a dedicated team of supply chain specialists you can rely on and powerful software to help you streamline your operations. You’ll find both at Coyote, including proprietary software you can access when you outsource your operations to our transportation management specialists.

See how we’ve helped both emerging businesses like Pregis and scaled enterprise shippers like Heineken with their outsourced supply chain.

Does Coyote have asset services?


As a UPS company, we have exclusive access to over 75,000 UPS assets, as well as access to their relationships with trailer leasing companies.

We also work with over 600 private fleets to source a unique pool of drop trailer capacity solutions. Find out what kind of customized solution we can put together for your business.

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