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It’s easy to feel caught in an arms race to obtain the latest, most powerful logistics technology out there on the market. But what does your business actually need? And can you actually enjoy some of the benefits of cutting-edge logistics tech for free? Find out what technology can and can’t do for your supply chain and how to balance it with human expertise.

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Frequently Asked Logistics Technology Questions

How do I balance people with technology in my supply chain?


Every modern shipper needs a healthy blend of powerful logistics technology and good old supply chain expertise.

Research shows that the ideal balance for shippers is 60% of logistics tasks handled by technology and 40% handled by people. This means that in order to really max out your efficiency, you need to invest wisely in both powerful platforms and in the talent to use them and interpret the data they generate.

Find out how 850 supply chain decision makers are balancing technology and human expertise across different logistics tasks in this original research study.

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Signing up for CoyoteGO is fast, free and easy.

Once you create your account, you’re just a few clicks away from unlimited LTL and truckload quotes from a nationwide network of over 70,000 carriers. Repeat users will love our saved loads feature, which lets you instantly rebuild loads you’ve already shipped before.

You can even request and get approved for credit, generate important documents like your Bill of Lading, and manage your invoices right in the platform as well.

What’s the difference between API and EDI?


Application programming interface, or API, is a newer software medium that allows two applications to communicate with one another in real time.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a communication technology that predates the internet. It’s commonly used for transmitting data between systems. It was developed to enable electronic transmission of information that would have previously been contained in paper documents, either point-to-point between two organizations or over a third-party network.

Find out 4 reasons why API is the way to go today and learn how it can improve your shipping efficiency.

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